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The AC adapter provides power to both the PSX64 device and the Playstation controller hooked to it. While many computers such as the Commodore 64 provide power to their joystick port, it is not sufficient for powering the PSX64 and connected controller.

The PSX64 can store 4 macros up to 127 button presses in length in EEPROM. This means you will not lose your macros if you unplug the PSX64.

To set a macro, press the start button on the Playstation controller. This will enter the PSX64 into program mode. Then press the button you wish to assign the macro to: L1, L2, R1, or R2. Then press any valid button in the order you wish recorded: Up, Down, Left, Right, Fire 1, or Fire 2. When finished, press start. The PSX64 will return to normal mode, and pressing the button you recorded the macro to will now replay it.

Schematics to build to the PSX64 interface can be obtained here. Please note, the PSX64 uses an Atmega8 microcontroller and must be programmed with firmware - this requires a programmer (which can be built for very cheap). The ICSP port on the diagram is used for this purpose.

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