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Product Overview

Leverage the power of SQL queries against data you work with the most.  From files to Windows services, emissary RT allows you to perform real-time queries and updates directly on your data - no need of tedious exports or complex programming scripts. Use your favorite ODBC enabled application such as Microsoft Access for easy GUI driven reporting and batch updates - or incorporate emissary RT your own .NET, PHP, or Python project for endless functionality.

Learn more about each product in the emissary RT suite:

emissary RT: Files

Connect to your filesystem as a database. Search and update path information, filenames, attributes, meta information for images and audio files, etc.  Real time monitoring and network share compatible.  Full Details...

emissary RT: Servers

Connect to your Windows DHCP, DNS, and event log services as a database. Search and update DHCP scopes and leases, DNS zones and records, event messages and severities, etc.  Remote connection compatible.  Full Details...


Windows XP SP3 / Windows Server 2003 SP2 or greater

Trial & Purchase

Download: emissary RT: Files | emissary RT: Servers

Trial versions are fully functional except a 50 record limit per transaction.

Purchase the complete emissary RT suite for $60.00 - a 20% savings!

Want to include emissary RT in your commercial webpage or application?  Contact us for licensing options.


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