emissary RT: Servers

Product Overview

Emissary RT: Servers is an ODBC driver designed to allow you to query and update Windows Server services, including DHCP, DNS, and the event log, from an existing or custom made ODBC-enabled application. Service information (such as DHCP scopes and leases, DNS records, Windows events, etc) is presented to the application as rows across a collection of related tables, and most standard SQL commands can be used to read and write this data.

By making use of emissary RT's lightweight, yet powerful real-time SQL engine, the latest service information can be shown, or static snapshots for increased performance. Updates take place immediately and allow for powerful manipulation of records not provided by the normal MMC tools. No need for interim or temporary tables, programming code, or synchronization to accomplish SQL controlled interoperability with Windows Server services. With the proper credentials, emissary RT: Servers can also connect to remote servers, allowing for distributed functionality, perfect for a web application or client application environment.

Administration Usage Examples

Examples can be performed via an ODBC-enabled application such as MS Access or Excel, using the GUI or SQL commands. No programming required!

  • Systematically create or rename DNS A records in a specific domain, generating the name using related info, such as IP address
  • Create boilerplate DNS TXT records for all domains for legal notifications or technical configurations
  • Create DNS CNAME records for all DNS A records that match specified criteria
  • Create DHCP reservations for all DNS A records in a specific domain (or vice versa)
  • Delete DHCP leases or reservations matching a certain age range
  • Adjust start and end IP across multiple DHCP scopes
  • Search for a combination of keywords in the Windows event log during a specified time period

Programming Usage Examples

Examples can be performed in your custom web or desktop application via an ODBC connection.

  • Link DHCP and DNS record information to foreign tables in a Document Management System
  • Periodically query DHCP leases for a list of active network devices in applications that deploy batch installs/updates
  • Synchronize DNS record information with a centralized network control application

Shown are only some of the many uses emissary RT: Servers makes possible!


Windows XP SP3 / Windows Server 2003 SP2 or greater

Trial & Purchase

Download emissary RT: Servers. The trial version is fully functional except a 50 record limit per transaction.

A single-machine license of emissary RT: Servers is $50.00, or purchase the complete emissary RT suite for $60.00 - a 20% savings!

Want to include emissary RT in your commercial webpage or application?  Contact us for licensing options.


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