Table Definition - DNSRecord

Field Type Read-only Description
ID Integer Yes Primary Key (unique ID) for row
DomainID Integer Yes* Foreign Key of parent domain. *Must be specified for INSERT statements
Type Char Yes* Record type ("A", "NS", "CNAME", "TXT", etc). *Must be specified for INSERT statements
Name Char Yes* Name. NULL when record applies to domain itself. *Must be specified for INSERT statements
FQDN Char Yes Fully qualified record name
Data Char No Applicable data for record type (IP Address, domain name, text, etc). Space delimited for records requiring multiple values. Use quotes for embedding spaces (TXT records). Must be specified for INSERT statements
TTL Integer No Time-to-live value of the record

Usage Notes

  1. INSERT and DELETE statements run against the 'DNSRecord' table will create and delete DNS records on the target server, respectively
  2. As noted, the 'DomainID', 'Type', 'Name', and 'Data' fields must be specified, at minimum, for INSERT statements. Any non read-only field may also be specified in INSERT statements to be applied to newly created records
  3. The appropriate DomainID must exist to create record
  4. The 'data' field must be formatted as records appear in the zone file. E.g. "" for an "A" record, "10" for an "MX" record, "" for a "CNAME" record, etc

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