Table Definition - DHCPLease

Field Type Read-only Description
ID Integer Yes Primary Key (unique ID) for row
ScopeID Integer Yes Foreign Key of parent scope
IP Char Yes* IP address of lease. *Must be specified for INSERT statements
Hardware Char No Hardware (MAC) address of lease in hexadecimal. Must be specified for INSERT statements
Name Char No Name. Must be specified for INSERT statements
Comment Char No Comment/Description
Expiration Timestamp No Expiration date of lease. NULL indicates inactive reservation. 0000-00-0000 00:00:00 indicates active reservation/infinite lease
Owner Char Yes DHCP server where lease resides
Type Char Yes Lease type ("None", "DHCP", "BOOTP", etc)
Reservation Integer No Lease is a reservation (0 = No, 1 = Yes). UPDATE statements changing 1 to 0 will cause the lease to be deleted

Usage Notes

  1. INSERT and DELETE statements run against the 'DHCPLease' table will create and delete DHCP leases on the target server, respectively
  2. The appropriate scope (address and mask) must exist to create a lease
  3. As noted, the 'IP', 'Hardware', 'Name' fields must be specified, at minimum, for INSERT statements. Any non read-only field may also be specified in INSERT statements to be applied to newly created leases

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