Table Definition - Audio

Field Type Read-only Description
ID Integer Yes Primary Key (unique ID) for row. Foreign Key to 'Standard' table
Format Char Yes Audio container format type (WAVE, MP3, OGG)
Codec Char Yes Audio codec type (MPEG-1, Microsoft PCM, u-Law, Vorbis, etc)
Duration Double Yes Length of audio in seconds
Channels Integer Yes Channel count (1 = mono, 2 = stereo/dual mono)
SampleRate Integer Yes Number of samples per second (Hz)
BitDepth Integer Yes Number of bits per sample (where resolution applicable)
BitRate Integer Yes Number of bits per second across all channels

Usage Notes

  1. INSERT and DELETE statements may not be run against the 'Audio' table. For creating and deleting files, please see the 'Standard' table
  2. In the case of variable bitrate audio, bitrate value will reflect the first sample found in the file
  3. Fields may not be populated if row corresponds to a directory, or non-audio file type. The 'ID' field also serves as a foreign key into the 'Standard' table, and a JOIN may be used between the two tables

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