Playing Shredz64 on an emulator

While Shredz64 will certainly run on a C64 emulator, the commands for strumming, lifting the guitar up, and using the whammy bar are sent over the joystick pins normally used for paddles on the C64. Many emulators such as Vice do not support paddles. For the tinkerers out there, if your emulator does support paddles or you're adding support, Shredz64 recognizes the following byte values (in decimal from 0-255):

Pot X: 90 = Strum bar at rest, 21 = strum down, 47 = strum up
Pot Y: 44 Whammy Up -> 80 Whammy Down, 19 = Guitar lifted

Additionally, we've noticed timing issues during gameplay, especially if warp mode has previously been used. You may need to slightly adjust your emulator's speed settings.

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