Presenting Our Newest Creation

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Two years in the making, we're proud to present our newest creation, emissary RT! 

The emissary RT suite redefines the idea of ODBC drivers.  Short for "Open Database Connectivity", ODBC drivers typically allow the user to connect to many differnet kinds of databases, from MySQL to Sybase. 

However, emissary RT is a little different. 

Instead of connecting to a database, this collection of drivers allows you to connect to other kinds of data - things you work with all the time.  From file manipulation for power users, to Windows DHCP and DNS servers for network administrators - emissary RT allows the user to use their favorite ODBC enabled application, such as Microsoft Access, to report and manipulate data outside of a database.

We think this is a very cool technology and has a lot of potential for automation and making your technological life easier.  Please take a moment and check out the emissary RT page for more information and lots of examples. 

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